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Griffins, from a Scythian piece of gold jewellery
The Griffin as described in the BRP and proposed in WotS corresponds to the descriptions of imaginative medieval European travelers coming back from Central Asia and Middle East. However, the griffins depicted in the steppe artwork like the Scythian’s, but also by ancient Greeks and Persians (which is not so surprising) are slightly different: they are smaller and with the full body of a lion. I suppose that the huge griffin with the forelegs of an eagle is referring to the medieval heraldic symbol and became therefore the RPG-canon. I propose here alternate statistics for this “steppe griffin”, up to the Game Master to use this one or the “standard” BRP-griffin, or both.

The griffin is a chimerical creature, mixing the body and legs of a huge lion with the head and wings of an eagle. It is almost as big as a steppe horse. Griffins are fearless aggressive flying predators, which love horses but are able to attack humans as well. They can attack their prey alone or in small packs.
Characteristic Roll Average
STR 3D6+12 22-23
CON 3D6 10–11
SIZ 3D6+9 19–20
INT 5 5
POW 2D6+6 13
DEX 2D6+12 19
Move: 10 (12 flying)
Hit Points: 16-17
Armor: 3-point skin
Damage Bonus: +2D6
Attacks: Bite 70%, damage 1D6+ db (impaling)
Claw 70%, damage 1D6+db (bleeding)
Ripping 80%, damage 2D6+db (bleeding)
A griffin attacks with two claws simultaneously and bites 5 DEX
ranks later. If both claw attacks hit, the griffin hangs on for the next round, continuing
to bite. Instead of clawing, it will attempt to rake with its hind claws.
Skills: Dodge 30%, Fly 100%, Listen 50%, Sense 65%, Spot 75%.

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