Thursday, 1 December 2016

A new ruleset for Wind on the Steppes

This blog has been sleeping for such a long time, that I’m not sure that anybody is still following it. All my apologies for those who were interested in it. Still, I’m feeding it today with some feedback, and I hope I will start it again when I’m finished with the current project: convert Wind on the Steppes to the newly edited D100 ruleset Revolution D100.

I’m working hard on it, so I hope that it can be ready for 2017. I’ll try to integrate some material from this blog. In the meantime, I encourage you to have a look at Revolution D100.

The rulebook has a very reasonable price for its 256 pages and can be found here
There are no rules for shamanism in the SRD, but of course they will be present in Wind on the Steppes.

The lucky visitors at Dragonmeet can have a look at the Alephtar Games' booth.


  1. Oh hey, this isn't dead! Had been wondering if the project had been abandoned or not. Now I know!

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  3. I was waiting for it from a long time.
    So i'm Happy to see some news.

  4. Thank you for your support. I wrote a big part of it but there is still a lot to do: you'll need a bit more patience. It appeared to me that the Revolution d100 ruleset allows more flexibility and creativity, in particular for shamanism.

    I hope I can add some material from this blog as well.

    For those who can read French, there is a running test campaign on The Conflict exemple in the core rules comes from this game. New players are welcome.

  5. I am checking back periodically. I've been wanting a copy of your book for a few years, but money was tight, and then when I had the money I could no longer order the book.

    I don't particularly care about what system it's for, I want it for the setting information. Not as big of a D100 fan as I used to be these days, I'd likely use it with gurps, or failing that, Unisystem.

  6. Thank you for your interest. It is still on its way, I hope it won't last too long now. The list of deities and their powers has been extended and a few elements from this blog integrated. The rules for shamanism is actually the biggest change. You may like the ruleset it is based on, which allows more free-form gaming and which I found particularly suited to shamanism.

  7. Any news on how the project is progressing? Never having had the chance to get my mittens on the original I'm anxiously champing at the bit for this to come out. :)

    1. The draft is finished. There are a few rules details to change, then come the proof reading, the corrections and so on. The editor hopes a release until March, but considering the usual unexpected delays in the edition, I'd rather bet on mid 2018.

  8. Awesome! So looking forward to this!

  9. the editor is a very small structure and apparently had some slow down in the advancement of the different projects. There won't be any new release this year beyond a pdf scenario book for a nippon game. I'm afraid we'll have to be patient.