Wednesday, 7 October 2015

A Crowd-Funded Revolution

As I mentioned in a comment of the previous post, Alephtar Games, the editor of Wind on the Steppes as well as other excellent historical fantasy settings, started a crowd-funding project to develop its own OGL rules, called Revolution D100. This project deserves very well the term “crowd”, since it will not only be OGL, but involve all the backers in the play-testing. The publication is scheduled for Spring 2016, together with first supplements about medieval England, Mecha anime and perhaps a Multivers. I strongly encourage you to have a look at it and to read the “news” where the concept is explained in details.

After this first wave of publications, it shall be the turn of WotS. It requires of course a lot of work to adapt WotS to the news rules, provided they have first been publicated, so it’s too soon to take any commitment on the time it will be available again. It will stay a D100-based system and will be the chance to correct and improve the first edition of WotS.

So if you missed the first edition of Wind on the Steppes and are still interested in it, keep your eyes wide open.

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