Monday, 10 August 2015

The Mongol Derby

Participants of the 2015 edition (Mongolderby on Facebook)

The Mongol Derby is reputedly the longest and toughest horse race in the world: 1000 km on half-wild Mongolian horses, 12 days long. Its aim is to experience the life of the messengers of the Mongol Empire, riding discontinuously for days, changing horses at the next nomad camp every 40km. It is only for tough experienced riders: accidents are common and hospitals are hundreds of km away. Not speaking about being lost in the immensity. So any participant must know the serious hazards he will be confronted to.

The 2015 Edition is currently beeing ran. Today shall be the 6th day, so it is the right time to write this post. You can follow the race in -almost- real time on Facebook.
Or on the web site

I would not recommend to take part to this race if you're the kind of adventurer sitting at a table and rolling dice, but instead to watch a movie made in 2013 “All The Wild Horses”. It is a documentary about the race, which the director ran twice. I still haven’t seen it but there are some trailers on the web page.

Enjoy the race !

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