Monday, 16 February 2015

The Hanging Garden (a new e-zine)

Gianni Vacca, author of The Celestial Empire and prolific contributor to RP Gaming, started an e-zine called The Hanging Garden, “a free electronic zine aimed at providing reading material to the rpg enthusiast.” It presents a selection of material from the innumerable internet sources and difficult to find.

One of the themes of this very first issue is Central Asia, with a small contribution I wrote about the genesis of WotS and a scenario by Gianni, taking place in the Silk Road area and involving Chinese prisoners and Karluk Nomads. This scenario allows to play either party, using The Celestial Empire or Wind on the Steppes (at best both of them!). If you intend to play it as PC, don’t even start reading it.

More info on Gianni’s blog. I may add some comments.

The e-zine is in EPUB format for smart phones or tablets and can be found here. You can of course download suitable software to read it on your computer.

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